Giants Injure Romo in 41-35 Win Against Cowboys by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

Monday Night’s game didn’t start well for the New York Giants. Quarterback Eli Manning was intercepted on his first two possessions, and Dallas took an early 10-0 lead. After a Dez Bryant 93-yard punt return put the Cowboys up 20-7, many thought the game might be over.  It was.

The Giants would go on to score 31 unanswered points for a 38-20 lead, and their defense, which has awakened in the last four games, knocked their fifth quarterback out of a game this season, with Tony Romo suffering a fractured clavicle that preliminary reports say will keep him out six-to-eight weeks.

The Giants dominated the passing game, with Eli Manning completing 25-35 attempts for 306 yards, though he did throw three interceptions. The Giants dominated the line of scrimmage, with Ahmad Bradshaw rushing for 126 yards on 24 carries and Brandon Jacobs rushing for 75 yards on 12 carries. Both Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith caught nine passes and had 100+ yards receiving, with 108 and 101, respectively.

But perhaps the most satisfying thing that occurred for the Giants, and definitely for Giant fans, was knocking the quarterback of your biggest rival out of the game. The Cowboy loss, combined with the loss of Romo, essentially ends the season for a team that many predicted to win the Super Bowl. At 1-6, with Jon Kitna as your starting quarterback, even a die-hard Cowboy fan has to admit that the season looks extremely bleak and even earning a playoff berth seems improbable. Cowboy fans have Michael Boley and the Giant defense to thank for that.  And a missed block by rookie full back Chris Gronkowski.

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