The Razz and Jazz Sports Blog NFL Playoffs Challenge

Do you know sports?  Then take the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog NFL Playoffs Challenge.  If you can accurately predict all 11 playoffs correctly, you win $100.  You must be a subscriber to the blog to be eligible to win.  If you are not a subscriber, you can subscribe on the home page of the blog, on the left side.  Simply submit your email address and confirm the email you will receive shortly after.  Once you have confirmed, you will receive an email from us asking for additional information. 

To submit your playoff picks, simply predict your results for all 11 NFL playoff games, and if you get them all correct, you will win $100!  I have submitted my playoff picks so you have an example of what to do.


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The Razz and Jazz Sports Blog was created by Marc "Razz" Rasbury and Derrel "Jazz" Johnson to create fresh opinions on New York Sports and beyond from two credentialed members of the media.
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13 Responses to The Razz and Jazz Sports Blog NFL Playoffs Challenge

  1. Al M says:

    Good Day,

    Where do I place my picks? Thanks.

  2. First Round
    New Orleans Saints defeat Seattle Seahawks
    New York Jets defeat Indianapolis Colts
    Baltimore Ravens defeat Kansas City Chiefs
    Green Bay Packers defeat Philadelphia Eagles
    Second Round
    New England Patriots defeat New York Jets
    Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Baltimore Ravens
    Green Bay Packers defeat Atlanta Falcons
    New Orleans Saints defeat Chicago Bears
    Conference Championships
    New England Patriots defeat Pittsburgh Steelers
    Green Bay Packers defeat New Orleans Saints
    Super Bowl
    Green Bay Packers defeat New England Patriots

  3. CMR says:


    1st Round:
    Jets defeat Colts
    Ravens defeat Chiefs
    Saints defeat Seahawks
    Eagles defeat Packers

    2nd Round:
    Patriots defeat Jets
    Steelers defeat Ravens
    Saints defeat Falcons
    Eagles defeat Bears

    Conference Championships:
    Patriots defeat Steelers
    Eagles defeat Saints

    Super Bowl:
    Patriots defeat Eagles

  4. Al M says:

    Winning Picks

    1st Rd
    Saints over Seahawks
    Jets over Colts
    Ravens over Chiefs
    Eagles over Packers

    2nd round
    Jets over Pats Bettors Upset Special
    Steelers over Ravens
    Eagles over Falcons
    Bears over Saints

    Conference Championships
    Jets over Steelers
    Eagles over Bears

    Green Super Bowl
    Eagles over Jets!

  5. DayMo says:


    1st Round:
    Colts over Jets
    Ravens over Chiefs

    2nd Round:
    Patriots over Ravens
    Steelers over Colts

    AFC Championship:
    Patriots over Steelers


    1st Round:
    Saints over Seahawks
    Eagles over Packers

    2nd Round:
    Eagles over Bears
    Saints over Falcons

    NFC Championship:
    Saints over Eagles

    Super Bowl:
    Patriots over Saints

  6. Keyez says:

    First Round
    Jets over Colts
    Baltimore over Kansas City
    New Orleans over Seattle
    Philadelphia over Green Bay
    Second Round
    Patriots over Jets
    Baltimore over Pittsburgh
    Falcons over Saints
    Eagles over Bears
    Third Round
    Patriots over Baltimore
    Eagles over Saints
    Super Bowl
    Eagles over Patriots
    MVP Michael Vick!!!!

  7. Greta Rushion says:

    First Round
    Colts over Jets
    Ravens over Chiefs
    Saints over SeaHawks
    Eagles over Packers
    Second Round
    Patriots over Colts
    Steelers over Ravens
    Falcons over Saints
    Eagles over Bears
    Third Round
    Patriots over Steelers
    Falcons over Eagles
    Super Bowl

  8. JAY FAIRE says:

    ok nfc first round saints beat seahawks
    packers beat eagles
    saints beat bears
    falcons beat packers
    nfc championship
    saints vs falcons-falcons win
    colts beat jets
    ravens beat chiefs
    steelers beat colts
    pats beat ravens
    in a hard fought battle and upset by a field goal steelers beat pats in gillette therefore paying pats back for beating steelers in afc championship game in pittsburgh..
    super bowl falcons vs steelers
    and just like early in season
    Steelers win it all in Dallas

  9. All posts after this comment are not valid, as the game has begun

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