Knicks Knocked Out by Hawks, 111-102 by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

The New York Knicks lost their fifth-straight road game to the Atlanta Hawks, 111-102, a night after an impressive home victory over the Miami Heat.  The Hawks led by as much as 24, as they took an 86-62 lead on a Joe Johnson three pointer, but the Knicks would get close by the fourth quarter, cutting the lead to 5, 102-97, with 4:07 left on a jumper from Amar’e Stoudemire, but the Hawks would close out the game on a 9-5 run to finish off the Knicks. 

“We came out soft and paid for it.  If we would have played the first half the way we played the second half, we would have won this game” Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni said after the game, as the Knicks trailed 30-21 after the first quarter, and 60-43 at the half.  Stoudemire had simliar comments.  “We didn’t play hard.  We didn’t play with energy. We played soft.  I just hate seeing us not play hard to start the game off. We’ve got to do a better job of that.”

Stoudemire led the Knicks with 27 points but only pulled down 3 rebounds.  Raymond Felton had 21 points and 13 assists, while Landry Fields scored 15 points and pulled down 5 rebounds.  Shawne Williams had 12 points and 11 rebounds, but was ejected from the game after an altercation with Marvin Williams.  Marvin Williams threw a punch and will be suspended, but it is unclear if Shawne Williams did as well.  Danilo Gallinari also scored 12 points.

Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 34 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists.  Josh Smith scored 24 points, pulled down 9 rebounds, and dished out 4 assists, and blocked 2 shots, while Al Horford added 19 points, 14 rebounds, and 6 assists.  Williams scored 12 points before being ejected and Jamal Crawford came off the bench to score 11.

The sons of two former Knicks, Mike Bibby, the son of Henry Bibby, and Damien Wilkins, the son of Gerald Wilkins, played for the Hawks.

The Knicks host the Detroit Pistons tomorrow at 7:30pm.


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3 Responses to Knicks Knocked Out by Hawks, 111-102 by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

  1. joan townsend says:

    Informitive cause I didn’t get to watch the game. Got the picture of the game from your article… Great job

  2. joan townsend says:

    Great job!!! Informative

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