Whose Car Is It? Melo’s or Amar’e’s? by Aaron “The Inkwell” Smith February 23, 2011

You should have already heard by now.  Carmelo Anthony has gotten his wish and is now a New York Knickerbocker.  The New York Knicks completed a three-team, 13-player trade with the Denver Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony on Tuesday.

The Knicks also got guards Chauncey Billups and Anthony Carter, and forwards Renaldo Balkman and Shelden Williams from Denver.  New York dealt forwards Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, guard Raymond Felton and center Timofey Mozgov to the Nuggets.  Anthony joins fellow All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire in the frontcourt, giving the Knicks the potent duo they were so desperately seeking during this past summer’s free agency period.
Stoudemire, the Knicks leading scorer and rebounder has led the Knicks to a 28-26 record this season, but said Tuesday they will be even more dangerous bringing Anthony and his 25.2 points per game to add to his 26.1 average.
Now the question is: Whose team is it?  Billups will do his job and shoot when he is needed.  That’s the job of a Hall of Fame point guard. But now that we have two superstars making up their own Big Three on Broadway, whose team is it?
We had that same question about the Miami Heat when LeBron James defected from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat to join Dwayne Wade in South Beach.  After two thirds of the season it is safe to say it is still Wade’s team by default.  They have been up and down.  They have shown long streaks of dominance.  We all remember the LeWade’s going 15-1 and having an 11-game winning streak thrown in there somewhere.
At times Lebron and Wade haven’t looked good together, and at times they have been brilliant.  But any given night either one of them could dominate, and we have seen stretches where Lebron was the big gamer and the same goes for D-Wade.  Throw in the games where Chris Bosh was the dominant force, and we really don’t know whose team it really it is.
So being that the Heat play as a team and any of their Big 3 can bring it on any given night, we have to leave it as D-Wade’s team by default.

The question in New York is the same now that there is a Big 3 in New York. Whose team is it now that New York has acquired Anthony, a top-five talent and a future Hall of Famer?
Anthony outperformed Stoudemire in Carmelo and Chauncey’s debut at the Garden against the Milwaukee Bucks.  Carmelo Anthony had 27 points and 10 rebounds, hitting a pair of clutch buckets down the stretch as the New York Knicks beat the Milwaukee Bucks 114-108 on Wednesday night in his Knicks debut.
Anthony made only 10 of 25 shots but was at his best in the closing minutes, helping New York hold on after fellow superstar Amare Stoudemire fouled out.
Is Amare’s hold on the team as it’s leader and owner been transferred to Anthony?  I hope not.  I hope it turns out like the Miami Heat where any night one of the Big 3 will bring it without any animosity amongst each other as to who should have done what.
All the Knicks have to do is take a chapter out of the Boston Celtic’s book of unselfishness and chemistry, and learn from it.  It is no one’s team. It is “our” team is all that should resonate throughout their locker room.

Then maybe we may be surprised by some post season magic.

The Knicks have 27 games left in the 2011 season.  Let’s hope they get it together quick.  They already have had an electrifying debut tonight driving their car.

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5 Responses to Whose Car Is It? Melo’s or Amar’e’s? by Aaron “The Inkwell” Smith February 23, 2011


    Well Neither of them have the keys to the car…by any account Melo and Amari are not the Superstars we think the are….neither is capable of leading their teams to the finals and even now that they teamed up together it will take a Chris Paul or Dwight Howard to get them over the hump….Boston, Miami and Chicago are head and shoulders above the knicks who dumped a whole bump of talented players to land an All-Star who without doubt is one of the best scorers outside of Kobe….Melo nor Amari plays any form of defense which will be costly in the playoff when they are bumped in the first round via Boston, Orlando, Miami and Chicago…..so yeah we will give Amari/Melo the car keys for now but next year one will be in the passenger seat while the other will be in the back seat. Signing Melo was a future move but if my beloved Lakers get Dwight Howard via free agency….NO ONE WILL SEE A CHAMPIONSHIP FOR YEARS TO COME!!!!!!!!

    • Interesting comments Cornell. I think either with a third superstar or a good center, the Knicks will have enough to make a championship run, but they certainly must play better on the defensive end. Dwight Howard going to the Lakers is SCARY for all teams in the NBA!

  2. Aaron, I disagee with Miami being Wade’s team. LeBron scores more, rebounds more, dishes more assists, it is LeBron’s team, but they are the Big Three, so they share the burden, even Bosh, when he shoots 1-18. I think that will be the case with the Knicks too. Carmelo is now the best scorer on the team, but Amar’e has a better all-around game, and Billups is the best proven big shot maker, and Fields, I am confident, can hit a big shot as well. The five position will worry me with the Knicks.

  3. CMR says:

    I don’t think if Billups is a hall of fame point guard.

  4. Charu, Billups being a HOF is questionable right now, but he actually has more all-star game appearances than Carmelo. If you were just looking at clutch performances, he would be there, but his body, as a whole, won’t get him there. He and Joe Dumars are the only players to win a Finals MVP before making the all-star game.

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