Daily Debate: Will the Knicks Win Tonight and Finish the Season Over .500?

The New York Knicks, currently losers of six straight, are 35-38 and 7-12 since the Carmelo Anthony trade.  Will they win tonight against the Orlando Magic and finish the season above .500?  The Knicks have nine ganes remaining.  Let your opinion be heard.

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4 Responses to Daily Debate: Will the Knicks Win Tonight and Finish the Season Over .500?

  1. KeiJuan "Keyez" says:

    I think the Knicks will finish over .500 by sheer virtue of teams resting their players once set in their playoff seedin position. As it looks, they will match up with Boston and in all honesty, try will get swept or at most win one game. Never imagined such disastrous result post trade. I know it takes time to gel but some things should be a a given like beating the Cavs or Pacers.

  2. CMR says:

    I don’t know about winning tonight. The Knicks can’t stop a nose bleed. But the way things go in sports they’ll probably blow out the Magic or something. I need proof that the Knicks can win A game first.

  3. WFAN is reporting Carmelo Anthony says this game is “Almost a Must Win.” I would like to be optimistic, and say they will go on a big winning streak to end the season. We shall see. Tonight is crucial to finishing above .500, as a loss would put them at 35-39. Blowout the Magic? That would be surprising.

  4. Terrence says:

    Carmelo is right, this is a must win game. I have an unrational belief that the Knicks will win tonight, if only to prove something to themselves; but a blowout, hardly.

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