Time for Some Jackson by KeiJuan Keitt

With the Knicks reeling of late and no defensive commitment in sight, is it time to move on and look to the past? As a duel meaningful statement, Mark Jackson starred alongside Patrick Ewing on arguably the best Knicks team since their championship years in the 1970’s, from 1987-1992. Not only was he the leader on the court, but he instilled a mentality of winning that was originated at St. John’s University and matured somewhere between being drafted by the Knicks in 1987 and realizing the talent he was paired up with that was Patrick Ewing.

Fast forward to his post playing career. Mark Jackson has provided analyst work for NBA games for ABC and ESPN and makes it obvious that his insight, personal basketball philosophy, and passion for the game demonstrates that he would be a great NBA coach. Now before you think I’m bashing current New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni, hear me out. Prior to hiring Coach D’Antoni, Mark Jackson was the leading candidate for the Knicks vacancy. It was all but assumed that he would get the job with Mike D’Antoni getting a final interview with Chicago at the time. Somewhere, something happened, and Mike D’Antoni landed the Knicks Head Coaching job. I understand he has not had much to work in his first two seasons with the Knicks, but I see this team as comparable to his teams in his Phoenix Suns teams. Former NBA Legend and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley says the Suns, under Mike D’Antoni, should have won at least one, and possibly two titles with those teams.

With this current Knicks team, I see a group of guys that have quit on their coach. Patrick Ewing has been gaining tremendous costing experience down in Orlando with the Magic, which would make him an excellent candidate as an assistant coach back with the Knicks. I believe it is worth a serious evaluation to look into bringing a change to the New York Knicks Head Coaching position, and with that change, I believe it is time to reunite Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson with the New York Knicks. Yes, Knicks fans, it’s time for some Jackson.

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1 Response to Time for Some Jackson by KeiJuan Keitt

  1. Al M says:

    Great! I raise a glass on that. And while you’re at it. Toss in Super Fly-Walt Clyde Frazier as the 1st assistant. The Knicks need change. And what better way to put 2 live Monday Morning Quarterbacks such as Jackson and Frazier. It would be a test of their critical talk during broadcasts.

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