Daily Debate: Will the Win Over the Magic Spark the Knicks Over the Final 8 & Through the Playoffs?

Now that the New York Knicks have ended the six-game losing streak, will last night’s win over the Orlando Magic spark the team during the last eight games of the season and into the playoffs?


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2 Responses to Daily Debate: Will the Win Over the Magic Spark the Knicks Over the Final 8 & Through the Playoffs?

  1. Matt says:

    It was a great win, emotionally and standing wise. With Indiana and Philly winning we needed that win but most of all it was an emotional lift to finally get the monkey off the backs of the team for all those bad wins. The win showed that the knicks can beat anyone if they play hard and play defense. This was the players taking defense as a priority and playing hard. I agreeed with Chauncey Billups in the post game interview where he said that this game showed that Carmelo is the best player in the game when he plays both ends of the floor like he did last night. Amare still had 20 points even with him taking only a few shots. Let’s not get over excited thinking we can win a championship this year but we can kick some butt and make a statement to the league that we are here and look out for next year when we have a full training camp to gel.

    This is the kind of game that sparks excitement in the city about Basketball. We will and should make a strong and positive statement in the playoffs. The trick is for the knicks to play this hard every game and I am not sure they can do that. Carmelo was just about out of gas by the end of the 4th quarter by playing stellar offense and defense. I think this win also showed that Williams needs to play more. I think he was almost as key to our win as anyone else with just his defensive play. Great win!

  2. Marc "Raz" Rasbury says:

    If Carmelo and the rest of Knicks play defense like they did last night, it would be a start.

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