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Knicks Up and Down Season Over After Celtics Sweep by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

The season for the New York Knicks began with the proclamation “The Knicks are back” by Amar’e Stoudemire when he signed in July 2010.  The Knicks are back, back in the playoffs, but a combination of injuries to Chauncey Billups … Continue reading

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Advantage Players, Now What? By Marc “Razz” Rasbury

On Monday, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) won a major battle in their war with the NFL owners when Judge Susan Nelson ruled that the owners’ lockout is illegal, and, upon her order, it was lifted.  It is … Continue reading

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Daily Debate: Was the Rafael Soriano Signing by the Yankees Good?

In January 2011, against the wishes of General Manager Brian Cashman, the New York Yankees signed Rafael Soriano to a three-year, $35 milliion deal.  Over the three seasons, was this the right move to make?  Voice your opinion on the … Continue reading

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Daily Debate: What Key Moves Should Knicks Make?

Now that the season is over for the New York Knicks what key moves should they make in the off season?  Voice your opinion on the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog Daily Debate.

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Daily Debate: Will Knicks Win Today or Suffer a Sweep?

The New York Knicks not only trail the Boston Celtics 0-3 in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but they are also not healthy, with both Chauncey Billups and Amar’e Stoudemire are questionable.  Will the New York Knicks win … Continue reading

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Daily Debate: Will Knicks Defeat Celtics Tonight?

The New York Knicks host their first playoff game in seven years when they play the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden tonight.  The Celtics lead the series 2-0, and swept the regular season series 4-0.  Voice your opinion on … Continue reading

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Knicks Limp Back to New York Down 0-2 to the Celtics by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

The New York Knicks host the Boston Celtics in game three of the NBA Playoffs at Madison Square Garden after losing the first two games in Boston by a combined five points.

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