Third Annual A.E.R “Walk With Style” Fashion Gala Recap by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

The Tesla Group and CancerCare presented the Third Annual A.E.R “Walk With Style” fashion gala to benefit CancerCare Thursday, March 31, 2011.  The event was hosted by the New York Giants Michael Clayton, Supermodel Lisalla Montenegro, and Sports Illustrated Model Julie Henderson.  It featured a fashion show by Hyden Yoo’s menswear
collection, music by Mad Linx and complimentary drinks by Svedka vodka.

The event, now in it’s third year, was created by Tesla Group founder and president Ahlilah Longmire, who was inspired to create the event after her Mom was diagnosed with cancer.  “My mother is a cancer survivor. My stepmother passed away this month,” she announced to the crowd, and later said “we need to use our talents and blessings to
help someone else.”

Model Julie Henderson also told of a personal experience.  “About 15 years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She still lives cancer free.  She makes sure every family member gets regular checkups.”  Ms Henderson pointed out some positives and negatives to cancer, including the number of deaths is declining due to early
detection.  Unfortunately, the chances of getting cancer is one in every two men and one in every three women.  “1,500 people will die of cancer every day” she stated on average.

Marigo Mihalos of the Tesla Group shared a very touching personal story.  “In June my father got diagnosed with fourth stage cancer.  Three months later he passed.  Last year he was here on the red carpet with Kerry Rhodes taking pictures like a kid with a Jonas Brother.”

Michael Clayton talked about getting involved with the event.  “The Telsa Group called me.  I’ve done a lot of events down in Tampa for cancer.  It feels good when you get a sense that you are doing the right thing.  God has been good to me.  It’s my job as a role model.
Were saving lives now.  It’s good to be a person that’s pushing that.”

During his speech to the audience, Mr. Clayton talked about recently working with 12 kids, of which six passed away.  “His only dream is to see a professional athlete or a movie star.  Because of our efforts, we’ve been able to save a lot of lives.  It is inspiring to look into
their eyes and see how they fight.”

We briefly had the opportunity to discuss the labor issues of the National Football League with Mr. Clayton.  “We’re in the world of the unknown.”  He mentioned that the Player’s Union “has to do what’s best for all of the young men that come behind us,” and also expressed some frustration over the two sides not getting closer.  “We are not getting
it done because of greed.  You are hurting everyone who loves the game.”


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