Daily Debate: What Are Your Major League Baseball Playoff Predictions?

Off of the most exciting day in the history of regular season Major League Baseball history, the playoffs begin today with two American League Divisional Series games, with the Tampa Bay Rays, fresh off of overcoming a nine-game, September deficit to the Boston Red Sox and a 7-0,eighth inning deficit Wednesday, head to Arlington to face the Texas Rangers.  At 8:37pm in the Bronx, the Detroit Tigers will face the New York Yankees.  Tomorrow at 2:07pm, the Arizona Diamondbacks will face the Milwaukee Brewers, and in the final series to begin, the Philadelphia Phillies, the favorite to win it all this season, will host the St. Louis Cardinals, who overcame a 8.5 game deficit to the Atlanta Braves to win the National League Wild Card.  Who will win each series?  Voice your opinion on the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog Daily Debate.

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The Razz and Jazz Sports Blog was created by Marc "Razz" Rasbury and Derrel "Jazz" Johnson to create fresh opinions on New York Sports and beyond from two credentialed members of the media.
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16 Responses to Daily Debate: What Are Your Major League Baseball Playoff Predictions?

  1. footballnutz17 says:

    Rangers > Rays
    Yankees > Tigers (sadly)
    Diamondbacks > Brewers
    Phillies > Cardinals

  2. Alexis Marcelo says:

    Being a Met fan I have lost track of Baseball for the last month. I am still in shock over Boston & Atlanta (originally the Boston Braves spooky!) So I now have to consider Tampa & The Lou. Hmmmm, well I hate everything out of Arizona & Love the Brew Crew so go Brewers, actually that’s my fav pick in the NL. St. lou vs Philly. When I was Yankee fan I liked the Phils, but as a Met fan they’re supposed to be hated. Philly should win. Yank Tigers should bee a brawl. very hard to root for Yanks like an ex wife!! I hate most things out of TEXAS so go Tampa!! overall I’d like to see a Milwaukee vs Detroit World Series. …. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the slavemasters team!

  3. Mike says:

    Rangers,Yankees, Brewers and Phillies win these series.

  4. Keyez says:

    Yankees vs Phillies with the Yakees in 6

  5. CMR says:

    Yankees over Tigers 3-1
    Rangers over Rays 3-2

    Phillies over Cardinals 3-1
    Brewers over Diamondbacks 3-1

    Yankees over Rangers 4-2
    Brewers over Phillies 4-3

    Yankees over Brewers 4-3

  6. Rangers, Yankees, Phillies, and Brewers win. That’s my opinion, though.

  7. Like Alexis, as a Mets fan, I’ve been out of the loop for a while now, but my predictions are:
    Tigers over Yankees 3-2
    Phillies over Cards 3-1
    Rays over Rangers 3-0
    Brewers over Diamondbacks 3-2

    I can’t remember is this second round is still best of 5 or 7
    Phllies over Tigers
    Rays over Brewers

    Sadly I have the Phillies winning the whole damn thing.

  8. Washington Grays over New York Cubans.

    Oh, wait…

    Put a gun to my head, I’ll say Tigers, Rangers, Brewers, Phillies – Phillies beat Rangers in WS.

  9. Derrel "Jazz" Johnson says:

    I will take the Detroit Tigers over the New York Yankees in five games, the Tampa Bay Rays over the Texas Rangers in fouur, the Philadelphia Phillies over the St. Louis Cardinals in three and the Milwaukee Brewers over the Arizona Diamondbacks in five.

  10. Ricky Keeler says:

    Yankees over Tigers in 5 games – Robertson + Rivera being lights out is the difference
    D’Backs over Brewers in 4 games
    Phillies over Cardinals in 3 games
    Rays over Rangers in 4

    Phillies over D’Backs in 5 games
    Yankees over Rays in 6 games

    World Series
    Sorry, but not having Cliff Lee hurts the Yankees here
    Phillies over Yankees in 7 games

  11. JMitch says:

    ALDS: Rays-3, Rangers-1; Yankees-3, Tigers-1
    ALCS: Yankees-4, Rays-1

    NLDS: Cardinals-3, Phillies-1; Diamondbacks-3, Brewers-2
    NLCS: Cardinals-4, Diamondbacks-2

    WS: Yankees-4, Cardinals-2

  12. Jamaal St.John says:

    Round 1 ALDS
    Yankees over Tigers 3-1
    Rangers over Rays-3-2

    Round 1 NLDS
    Cardinals over Phillies 3-2
    Brewers over D-backs-3-1

    Round 2-ALCS
    Yankees over Rangers-4-2

    Round 2-NLCS

    Brewers over Cardinals-4-2

    World Series

    Yankees over Brewers -4-2

  13. Alan says:

    Yankees over Tigers 3-1
    Rangers over Rays 3-2

    Phillies over Cardinals 3-1
    Brewers over Diamondbacks 3-2

    Yankees over Rangers 4-2
    Phillies over Brewers 4-2

    Yankees over Phillies 4-3

  14. Jsportsfan says:

    Tigers in 4. Rays in 5. Phillies in 4. Brewers in 3.

  15. No one got all four series correct. 3-1 was the best record by two I believe

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