Daily Debate: Giants or Packers, Who Will Go to NFC Championship?

Will Eli Manning Lead the New York Giants Over the Green Bay Packers?

Will Eli Manning Lead the New York Giants Over the Green Bay Packers?

After defeating the Atlanta Falcons 24-2 in an impressive performance in the first ever playoff game at Met Life Stadium, the New York Giants head to Wisconsin to face defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.  Will Eli Manning and Victor Cruz lead the Giants to victory or will Aaron Rodgers move one step closer to a second-straight Super Bowl?  Voice your opinion on the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog Daily Debate.

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5 Responses to Daily Debate: Giants or Packers, Who Will Go to NFC Championship?

  1. ms.N0Ni says:

    Yes yes! && yes! Eli Manning will play his best! And when Eli plays his best, he sets a tone for the rest. Once his men on offense feels his intensity in his passing & his accuracy, that’s when his men start blocking for him MORE! Giving Eli PLENTY of time to maneuver in the pocket, scope out the field, see who’s open, &sends That ball FLYING!
    And he has all the right men to throw it too. He’s got Victor Cruz, who’s been having an AMAZING season, &hungry to have an AMAZING 1st post season. You got Mario, who’s not new to winning in the playoffs, &then Nicks who’s just a beast!
    Before they played the falcons, everyone went with the falcons having more weapons than the GIANTS… but they obviously brought a knife to a gun fight, because the GIANTS pulled out they BIG GUNS & shot them birds DOWN!
    Even the defense, despite coming in DEAD last I’m the NFL, the way the GIANTS defense played, You would think they were first. Jacobs has been slowly getting back to his pro bowl self, AFTER injuries that unfortunately put a dent in this seasons stats. But these past couple of games GOING INTO the playoffs, has showed Jacobs’ true performance. When Jacob plays great, Ahmad plays great (&vice versa). When OFFENSE slacks off, you can bet the GIANTS defense will pick up the slack, & put pressure on the opposing team’s qb & STOP THOSE DOWNS!
    The first match up against the packers, the GIANTS lost by 3. But! Eli was not playing like a rookie! He threw for over 300yds… just shy of what Aaron threw. You had some good plays from Victor. & you had defense putting pressure on Rodgers.
    Guarantee the GIANTS are studying packers films as I type this. Aaron hasn’t met the playoff GIANTS. What the GIANTS need to do, since Aaron is a remarkable & accurate passer, is make sure the S, C, DL & DT are covering the WR’s for when Aaron sets up that shotgun PLAY. Because when he throws, he hits. But I believe if the front defensive line brings that pressure, for when they try & run the ball as well (without blitzing every time), that will give the OFFENSE opportunities to take advantage & put some points ahead of green bay.

    &this is Just the basics. My picks have been right so far =) #GIANTS!

  2. Mike Patton says:

    I got the Pack winning 34-31. I believe that neither of these defenses can really contain these offenses and that the game will come down to who makes the big play. I’m betting on Green Bay, who’s a big-play defense, to make that play. And for the Giants to win, the running game has to be big again. I don’t know if that will happen because I believe we will see a motivated BJ Raji in the middle of that defense. #DiscountDoublecheck

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