Daily Debate: How Many Games Should Metta World Peace Be Suspended?

Los Angeles Lakers small forward Metta World Peace elbowed James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday in a vicious move on a nationally televised game on ABC.  How many games should the former Ron Artest be suspended for the act, if any?  Voice your opinion on the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog Daily Debate.


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6 Responses to Daily Debate: How Many Games Should Metta World Peace Be Suspended?

  1. Jor Roberts, Jr. says:

    I think he should be suspended for the playoffs. While I don’t believe that it was a calculated act, his judgment is so lacking that he is someone who seems to constantly find himself in these situations.

    This incident was very reminiscent of the Kermit Washington/Rudy T. incident. While Kermit clearly intended to hit Rudy, Metta’s elbow was equally devastating.

    If Harden is unable to play again this year, then Metta punishment should rollover into the beginning of next season.

  2. mr. blaq says:

    i think at least 5 games if the league wants to cut out this nonsense his elbow in yesterdays game was worse then the one bynum connected with in last year playoffs

  3. MD says:

    As a Spurs fan… The entire post season lol. But honestly, probably 2 games! However, it will depend on the severity of Harden’s injury!
    -my .02

  4. Al says:

    Elbows are tough. Question do you think he intended to knock him out? Or was he swing “move out my way”? Get him into hockey for a couple of games. He will notbe fined or suspended in hockey.

  5. patton26 says:

    He’s more than likely gonna be suspended for 2 games at the minimum or 5 games maximum. Unfortunate that his mental instability keeps taking away from his game.

  6. I say he gets suspended for the playoffs. Given his history of this type of behavior, I think the nab brings down the iron fist on World Peace.

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