Tebow Time? by Marc “Razz” Rasbury

It appears that the New York Jets are doing everything they can to hand over the reigns to backup quarterback Tim Tebow. They did very little in the off-season to help the incumbent quaterback, Mark Sanchez. They did not bring in additional weapons, or shore up that porous offensive line. We heard of Revis Island, now we are going to have Sanchez Island, because this kid has to feel isolated and alone.

Other than drafting Stephen Hill in the second round, the Jets did nothing else to help Sanchez. As a matter of fact, bringing Tebow into the fold might even set the third-year player back. Hill has a large upside and plenty of potential at the wide receiver position, but upside and potential have gotten plenty of coaches fired.

Most people in the media and fans alike are focusing on the Sanchez and Tebow competition. The real concern should be that offensive line, which looked like The Path of Least Resistance in their preseason opener. We knew about the troubles at left guard where neither Matt Slauson or Vladimar Ducasse have distinguished themselves as the clear-cut starter, and Wayne Hunter struggled at right tackle. However, All-Pro offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson got beat twice, giving up two sacks on Friday. The Jets did trade for former All Pro tackle Jeff Otah, but he failed his physical, nullifying the transaction. Even if Sanchez had time to throw, he did not have anyone to throw to.

Santonio Holmes was dressed in his civilian clothes during Friday’s 17-10 loss at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. As talented as Holmes is, he is not a #1 receiver. Hill can emerge as a top-flight receiver, but that is based on potential, and he has yet to prove himself. Jeremy Kerley is hurt and has not hit his stride as of this time, and Patrick Turner is a work-in-progress. Dustin Keller could emerge as a huge weapon, but Sanchez will still need some time to get him the ball.

When it is all said and done, Tebow might supplant Sanchez. It is not that Tebow is a better quaterback. Given the present state of the team, Tebow might give Rex Ryan and Company the best chance to win. Sanchez’s strengths are the play-action pass and rolling out of the pocket. You need a strong running game to implement the play-action pass. If they do not address the offensive line issues, play-action pass is wishful thinking, and if the tackles can’t hold their blocks, Sanchez will be rolling out right into the hands of defensive tackles and linebackers. Tebow’s strength is making something out of nothing, and with this offensive line there will be plenty of opportunities for broken plays and making something out of nothing.

I expect the offensive line to get better, but this scenario is tailor made for a Tebow take over. I have followed the Jets since the days of Broadway Joe, Emerson Booser and Matt Snell, and I can’t remember a Jets team going into training camp with so few proven offensive weapons. The team did not do anything to help Sanchez this off season. Advantage Tebow.


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2 Responses to Tebow Time? by Marc “Razz” Rasbury

  1. Lee Love says:

    This article is right on the money.

  2. Great article. I’ve never like Sanchez, and I’ve always said I wanted Freeman from Tampa Bay the year they were drafted. I don’t think that Tebow nor Sanchez is the answer.

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