A Day to Forget by Marc “Razz” Rasbury

On a day where we were asked to remember the men and women of the military who have served our country, local football fans were trying to forget the efforts that the Jets and Giants put forth. The Jets were beat down by Seattle Seahawks, 28-7. No surprise there. But the Giants getting blown out by Cincinnati, 31-13, has Big Blue fans ready to jump off the Football Cliff.

I was holding out hope that the Jets would have gone out to Seattle and beat the Seahawks or least would have been competitive. The odds were stacked against them with the crowd noise, going against a hot young QB and their own QB struggling. However, historically when you expect the Jets to lose, they win and conversely when you expect the Jets to win, they lose. So I was holding out hope there. No such luck.

The defense did their part. Unfortuatley, the offense did not show up. QB Mark Sanchez looked inept at best as he managed several three and outs and threw an interception in the red zone once again. Even the Special Teams aided in this defeat as Jeremy Kerley coughed up the ball on a punt returned after the defense pinned the Seahawks deep in their territory. That and the Sanchez interception were the key plays of the game.

Up until those two plays, the Jets were very much into the game. Gang Green’s defense dominated the contest up until that point. They even scored the Jets only points on a fumble and recovery that led to a TD.

When Kerley fumbled that ball, you could see the air come out the Jets’ wings. Even the defense started to break down in the second half missing multiple tackles that extended several Seattle late game drives. Like I said, it still would have been a pleasant surprise if the Jets would have pulled this one out, but what took place Cincinnati just has most football fans in this area shaking their collective heads.

The Bangals have been mediocre at best this season as they haven’t lived to expectations after a promising season last year. Everybody expected Big Blue to go into the Riverfront area and just steamroll Marvin Lewis’ crew especially after all of the trash talking that took place between the two camps prior to the game.

Antonio Rolle suggested that AJ Green duck when he went over the middle after the second year WR claimed that the Giants had too many holes in the secondary. Green did not have to duck because he found those holes and consistently blew by the Giants’ defense. Green set the tone on the opening drive as he blew by Corey Webster for a TD.

The Giants appeared to still be in the game but they shot themselves in foot too many times for them to overcome their own mistakes. Let’s face it. You can’t turn the ball over four times on the road and expect to win. Eli looked lost out there while the second year Andy Dalton looked like a seasoned veteran. Where is that Giant squad that blew out the 49ers on the road? Some folks claim that Big Blue is going through their traditional November swoon and that they will right the ship in December and January. Sooner or later that swoon is going to catch up to them.

Let’s put this past weekend in the rear view mirror. Both teams have to move on. The Jets have more questions than answers. You have to expect that Big Blue will snap out of their funk. Either way you look at this for both squads, this past weekend has to be deleted from our memory bank.

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