Bernard Hopkins Repeats History with Win at Barclays Center by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

Bernard Hopkins Speaks with Derrel "Jazz" Johnson

Bernard Hopkins Speaks with Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

At the age of 48-years old, The Executioner Bernard Hopkins defeated Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud by a unanimous decision, 117-111, 116-112, 116-112, to win the IBF Light Heavyweight World Championship. “I wanted to use my speed and reflexes, which I still have at 48,” the victorious Hopkins said after the fight, adding that his strategy was to play off the aggression of the younger fighter, and throw more punches. “We knew that a 30-year old guy wasn’t going to run from a 48-year old guy.”

“It was good to break Barclays Center in” Hopkins said in the post-fight press conference, as the crowd of 12,293 was solidly behind him, chanting “B-Hop! B-Hop!” several times during the bout. “Brooklyn came out, Philly came out…everybody came out” Bernard said in response to the cheers.

When speaking about his future, Hopkins said “Hopefully I’ll box here again and do another historic night here at Barclays Center.” Later, he added “I am here to stay but not until I am 50” but also said he wouldn’t believe him if he were us. Continuing on his future, a confident Hopkins proclaimed “If I’m healthy, If I’m ready to go mentally and physically” he feels he can defeat anyone in the 168- or 175- pound weight class.

Part of the motivation for Hopkins taking this fight was the co-promoter, Don King. “I don’t like Don King.” He continued discussing King, saying “he don’t treat people right” and boasted that he send “the last fighter that he had out of business.” By defeating the last fighter King has, Hopkins said he “put the nail in the coffin” and “did HBO a favor…even did Bob Aram a favor.”

Bernard Hopkins is once again at the top of the boxing world, but I asked him what would Hopkins the executive at Golden Boy Promotions say about Hopkins, the 48-year old boxer. “He’s a mean son of a bitch” Hopkins responded. Many of his opponents would say the same thing, and that mean son of a bitch is once again a champion at the age of 48.

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