Knicks Bowl 15 Brings Team Together for Garden of Dreams Foundation by Derrel Jazz Johnson










The 15th Annual Knicks Bowl to benefit Garden of Dreams Foundation took place earlier this week at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.   The event, which raised $2.5 million in its first 14 years, features the entire New York Knicks team, celebrities, including actress Katie Holmes, actor John Leguzamo, and model Damaris Lewis, the entire Knicks coaching staff, as well as Knicks legends Bernard King, Allan Houston, John Starks, and many more.

Knicks 2014 All Star forward Carmelo Anthony talked why he looks forward to this event every year.  “I think it is one of the top events simply because we get to mingle with the fans, take pictures, sign autographs. A lot of times fans ask for it but we don’t have the time to give it to them.”  For those who attend this event, everyone is easily accessible, and throughout the venue you can see many Knicks fans, both children and adults alike, posing for pictures with their favorite players and having bowling pins autographed.

Knicks center Tyson Chandler also talked about the importance of the event.  “This is an opportunity to interact with the fans. It’s also a great opportunity to give back.” 

What happens when you get a bunch of professional athletes together to bowl?  Competition of course.  So who is the best Knick when it comes to knocking down the pins?

“I’m pretty sure I’m the best bowler on the team,” a confident Chandler said.  Carmelo praised J.R. Smith’s game, saying “J.R. can bowl a little bit,” but what about his skills?  “I’m alright, we’ll see what happens.”  New York City native Metta World Peace, arguably the strongest Knick on the team, would have been pegged by myself to be a good bowler, but this isn’t true.  “No, I stink,” he replied, seemingly content with his lack of skills. 

Who won?  That is top secret information, but to join in on the fun next year, head to the web and check out for more information and make it a point to join in on all of the fun.

For coverage of previous Knicks Bowls events, check out the link below.


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