Branden Frazier Enters What Could Be Last Game of Career by Derrel Jazz Johnson

Branden Frazier Defending VCU at Rose Hill Gym (Photo by Herbert Delancey)

Branden Frazier Defending VCU at Rose Hill Gym (Photo by Herbert Delancey)

The Rams of Fordham University have experienced a tough season, but they have a chance to make a team uncomfortable if they can win tonight against George Mason tonight in the opening round of the Atlantic 10 Conference Championship. If the Rams win tonight, they would face Dayton at 2:30pm tomorrow. What makes Fordham a dangerous opponent? They have one of the highest-scoring backcourts in the country with senior Branden Frazier and freshman Jon Severe. Fordham head coach Tom Pecora talked about the opportunity his team has after a tough loss Saturday. “(I told those guys) if you don’t believe you can go into this tournament and win games you’re crazy. If you play (the way you played Saturday against George Washington) you are going to win games in this tournament starting Wednesday night. That’s why big-time conferences have everyone in the tournament. That’s a carrot for me to dangle in front of this team. It would be a shame if we played a game like this and we weren’t in the tournament because they decided to only keep 12 teams. It’s about student athletes. And that’s the way it needs to be done.”

Frazier could be playing in his last game as a Ram. Coach Pecora talked about his first recruit who decided to come to Fordham instead of Hofstra. “He has been so involved in our recruiting and our ability to get players like Jon Severe…when guys graduate you want them to be Fordham Men and I think without a doubt, he has grown into a becoming a great Fordham man. And when he is done playing, and he is going to play professionally at some level, somewhere, there where be Fordham people lining up to hire him. Pecora continued to acknowledge Frazier. “That’s why you come to Fordham…it’s not about 4 years it’s about 40 years. And when we are winning next year, I’ll mention Branden Frazier a lot in the course of that because he set the foundation for that.”

Frazier himself talked about playing in front of the home crowd at Rose Hill Gym for the last time. “It felt good to play out there with the crowd. I was kind of emotional for the Senior Day when I walked out but I didn’t want to show it.” Frazier said it was bittersweet because of the loss, and talked about the decision he made four years ago. “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Coming here and getting my degree and being around a bunch of people who supported me made me who I am…Fordham just made me a man. I think this was the best decision of my life…I know the program is going to change around. I’m leaving Fordham but Fordham will never leave me.”

For Braden Frazier, his collegiate career will more than likely end at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a subway ride away from the Fordham campus where he has spent countless hours. Hopefully, for him, that career does not end tonight.

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