NBA Does Fans Disservice with 10:30pm Game 7 Start by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

In sports, Game 7 is a word that excites die hard and casual fans alike.  I am not that big of a hockey fan, but if there is a game 7 on, I will more-than likely turn on the television.  It is this reason why the NBA is doing a disservice to fans tonight.

Kobe Bryant, one of the world’s best known sports stars, will compete with the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at home in game 7 of an opening round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets.  The problem?  The start time.

I was shocked to learn that the start time for tonight’s game is 10:30pm.  This game would have a lot of national interest and viewership if it were on at an earlier time.  The Los Angeles Clippers played a home game yesterday at 9pm.  Even 90 minutes goes a long way in bringing fans to the seats, and a 9pm start was possible in the same arena a day earlier.

I am a huge basketball fan, have been one before I began working in the field, and will continue to be one if I ever leave the field.  I will watch the game tonight, I just wish the NBA cared more about putting the games on in a reasonable time period.

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